About Us

As a commercial package, Backbeat has been in existence for ten years – but as a consultancy service, we developed the Artist Royalty System at Virgin Records, and supported in-house systems at EMI, Warner-Chappell and BMG (among many others) over a thirty-year period.

We know how royalty departments work and the pressures they face, having learned our trade from the best in the business. Therefore, you can be sure that our software is built upon robust foundations, drawing upon direct experience from within the music industry itself. The companies we work with range from majors to minors; start-ups to indies; boutique to enterprise publishers, and are spread across the globe in Europe, the USA, Australia, South Africa, South America and S.E. Asia.

Since 2012, we have been on a mission to provide the music business with a comprehensive system that covers all aspects of royalties and rights management. Today, our platform hosts over six million tracks and copyrights for over 100 companies and encompasses the many and varied sectors of the music industry, including Music Publishing, Records, Distribution, Production Music, Education, Print & Sheet and Neighbouring Rights.

As Backbeat is without doubt the most versatile package on the market, we are able to ensure that each installation of the software adapts to the business in which it is deployed. If you work in Publishing, so does Backbeat; if you work in Records, so does Backbeat; if you work in Production Music… you get the idea. You can even be sure that the vocabulary used across the database faithfully replicates the familiar language of your business. This flexibility and adaptability ensures that as the business changes and evolves, so too does our platform.

In an ever-changing landscape, the one constant has always been to promote and endorse your music. Allow us to support you on that journey, by navigating the path from rights registration to royalty distribution.